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We are a professional services and software provider. We deliver customized, agile and scalable machine learning systems to help organizations realize value from the large, complex data sets.


Collect Data

Study Problem

Develop Model

Deploy Software

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Our approach is to start small and build a quick, yet practical prototype that proves the real business value to our prospective clients. We request that clients provide representative data samples, and at no charge we will prototype algorithms and reports to prove our capabilities prior to a paid engagement.

Custom analytics software can be delivered via the cloud or on-premise via our API. We have experience with a wide array of data storage and infrastructure technologies. Deliverables include executive level reporting dashboards and detailed information for analysts.


Machine Learning

Customized real-time algorithms

Predictive analysis

Neural networks and deep learning

Natural language processing

Classification, clustering and regression

Computing at Scale

Cloud Computing

Tensorflow, MXNet

GPU Custom Programming

Grid Computing

C, C++, Node.js, R, Python, Go, Assembly

Domain Expertise



Real Estate

Fraud detection

Online auctions


Unstructured Data

Potentially powerful data goes unused because it comes from many sources in different and inconsistent formats. For example, it is a challenge to automate analysis of open-ended textual data.


“Big data” overwhelms human understanding. There is too much data to efficiently sift through manually or with existing business logic.

Work Backlogs

The lag time between data collection and informed decisions negatively impacts the mission.

High Cost/Cumbersome Processes

Knowledge is power, but current processes are too costly, slow and cumbersome to deliver actionable decision-making and insights.

Too Much Paperwork

Manual processes increase administrative tasks and reduce time spent on mission-focused work.

Lack of Internal Expertise

Machine learning experts are in high demand. It is a challenge to find experts with the required skill sets and experiences.


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